Our EventsCome to our Events to show your support

Please join us for our famous Pancake Breakfast !
Every Saturday 7:30 am until 10:30 am  (Every Saturday Jan thru March )
For only a $7 donation 

Please let you friends and neighbors know about our weekly breakfast.

IMG 8144 t607When you come out to any of our events, you will be supporting:

College Scholarships for local high school students
Lions Charitable Eye Clinic
Boy Scouts
Bonita Springs Assistance Office
Cafe of Life * Salvation Army
American Cancer Society
Foundation for the Mentallty Disabled
Challenger Baseball League
Among many others


Upon entering the Lions Center, you will be given a numbered card.You may sit anywhere you prefer.
While waiting for your number to be called you'll be offered coffee and orange juice.

For a refill just raise your coffee cup. When your number is announced simple hold up your card and breakfast will be delivered to you.
If you wish more, simply hold up your plate.

Please join us and bring along your family & friends.

Thank You, Bonita Springs Lions Club
Our LeoClub  & Cub Scouts are there to help and support too.

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